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Minimally Splendid by Tony
July 21, 2008, 11:52 am
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I’ve been meaning to put up a short post about my newest fashion statement that just arrived in the mail.

I’d been searching for a new watch for a couple of months now, looking for something less gaudy than the crap Fossil calls a wristwatch (it’s like wearing a bedazzled kitchen clock on your arm). I also need something with a smaller face so my wrists don’t end up looking any smaller than they already are. I just want something casual with enough class that I could wear it every day.

Nixon makes a sweet line of watches called the Time Teller. It’s so minimalistic it breaches the opposite end of the style spectrum and becomes a statement in its own. I don’t need an alarm or a calendar or a stopwatch or a timer or a chronograph or an altimeter or a depth gauge or even a glo-light—that’s what my phone is for. I just want something that tells me the time.

I love the simple white face with easy-to-read silver numbers, and the canvas band I ordered stays cool in the unbearable humidity of a Missouri summer. You can get it with a metal band as well, and there are a couple different color combinations. The all-black style looks downright badass.

It’s not quite as thin as I would have liked, but for a $60 watch, the build quality is excellent. The brushed aluminum housing hasn’t scratched, and aside from the Nixon lettering at the 3 position, this watch is all about being elegant yet casual—more John Mayer than Kanye West (gratuitous link of the day).


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Canvas strap huh? Weak sauce. My black SS Rover pwns.

BTW, I really was hoping this was written by Kevin because that would be hilarious.

And what happened to your citizen eco-drive? It was stylish AND good for the environment (and more James Bond than angsty teenager). How can the US be carbon-neutral in 10 years if we keep using watches with batteries? Unacceptable. Al Gore is gonna hear about this. EXCELSIOR!

Comment by miK3_

Also, Nixon is primarily a watchmaker, not a skate clothing purveyor.

Comment by miK3_

My eco-drive is at home, tucked away because the clasp was malfunctioning and I never got around to getting it fixed. It’s a bit too flashy for me to wear everyday, especially with a t-shirt and plaid (frat) shorts. So I got me a new one!

Comment by Tony


Comment by miK3_

it’s simple and a very classic design. certainly not over the top, but would go with any outfit paired with it. good choice.


Comment by Lush/Cash

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